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WorkshopWorkshopAn Introduction to Universal Life Skills
DepartmentDepartmentESU#3 Early Learning Connection
Default ContactDefault ContactJennifer Haggart
Default LocationZoom Virtual Learning
DescriptionIn the same way that reading and writing skills are learned through playful exploration and developmentally appropriate teaching, so too are the essential social skills of childhood. Sharing, cooperation, and peer interactions develop not merely by chance, but through an environment rich in opportunities to learn and practice. Educators and providers are the key, designing opportunities for young children to explore, experiment, and refine their social skills.

During this series of sessions, participants will receive an introduction to the Universal Life Skills program, skills elementary teachers have identified as being critical to early school success. Through teaching in a small group format and incidentally throughout the day (during meals, transitions, and free play), this approach to teaching social skills has been shown to prevent the development of severe challenging behavior, foster initial prosocial interactions with peers, and minimize caregiver stress.

NOTE: Registration is for the entire series and it is important that you plan to attend all sessions.