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 (Unselfish) Self Care SaturdayEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2017 Early Literacy ConferenceEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2017 Infant Toddler SymposiumEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2018 Early Literacy ConferenceEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2018 Infant Toddler SymposiumEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2019 2020 CDA SeriesEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2019 Early Literacy ConferenceEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2019 Infant Toddler SymposiumEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2020 Early Literacy: Make Story Time the Best Part of the DayEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2021 (2022) Early Literacy Conference: Who's Behind the Books?EnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2021 Infant Toddler SymposiumEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2022 2023 CDA SeriesEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2022 Community Connections Resource FairEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2022 Early Literacy Conference: All Books Are Not Created EqualEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2022 Infant Toddler Symposium: Supporting Language - Sing & SignEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2023 Early Literacy Conference: Literacy Connections to Mindfulness and MovementEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2023 Infant Toddler Symposium: Brains in Bloom!EnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2024 Celebrating Young Children ConferenceEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 2024 Infant Toddler Symposium: They're Not Just BabiesEnglishCarter, April
 A Joyous Way to Learn with Jim GillEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 A Moving Child Is a Learning ChildEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 A Place for EveryoneEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 ABCs of Coaching for ResultsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Adding and Using Loose Parts to Empower CreativityEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Advocating for What We Care AboutEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Always Growing Book StudyEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 An Introduction to Universal Life SkillsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 An Overview of the CDA CredentialEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Appropriately Responding to BitingEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Are They Seeking Attention or Affirmation?EnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Art Is a ProcessEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 At Home with Family Child Care ProvidersEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Autism and Young ChildrenEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Autism in Early Childhood Whining, Crying, and Tantrums - Oh My!EnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Autism in Early Childhood: Activities and SupportsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Autism in Early Childhood: Learn the SignsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Autism in Early Childhood: Simple Social Skills that Produce Positive ResultsEnglishPink, Stephanie
 Basics of Developmentally Appropriate PracticeEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Be Kind to YourselfEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Beating the Behavior BluesEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Being an Early Childhood ProfessionalEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Being an Energized and Inspired LeaderEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Big Questions for Young MindsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Blocks-a-Palooza!EnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Bloodborne PathogensEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Brandwein - Communication, Collaboration, & ConflictEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Building Community in Out of School Time ProgramsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Caring "Too Much" - Understanding Compassion FatigueEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Caring for the CaregiverEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Celebrating Milestones & Sharing Concerns (family partnerships)EnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Challenging Behaviors in Challenging TimesEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Child Care Center Leadership: Being Your BestEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Child Care Center Leadership: Your Balancing ActEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Children + Messy = A Perfect MatchEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Comfort and Hope, Mr. Rogers StyleEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Commit to Care ... for YourselfEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Communication Connections: Supporting Language DevelopmentEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Communication Power Skills to Develop Positive PartnershipsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Crazy for Kids!EnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Creating a Family Centered Early Childhood ProgramEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Creating Caring ConnectionsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Creating Spaces for Learning (and Play)EnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Creating Spaces to Support Children's LearningEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Cure for Cabin FeverEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Curriculum 101EnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Discipline Is Not a Dirty WordEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Doing the Right Thing for ChildrenEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Doing the Right Thing for Children Book StudyEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Dynamic Director Discussions: Being a SupervisorEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Dynamic Director Discussions: Coaching When You're the BossEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Dynamic Director Discussions: Creating and Supporting a Strong TeamEnglishPink, Stephanie
 Dynamic Director Discussions: The Leader's Role in Addressing Challenging BehaviorEnglishPink, Stephanie
 Early Childhood Essentials: Rethinking and Teaching SharingEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Early Childhood Program Operations in Unprecedented TimesEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Early Learning Guidelines: Approaches to LearningEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Early Learning Guidelines: Creative ArtsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Early Learning Guidelines: Health & Physical DevelopmentEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Early Learning Guidelines: Language & Literacy DevelopmentEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Early Learning Guidelines: MathematicsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Early Learning Guidelines: ScienceEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Early Learning Guidelines: Social & Emotional DevelopmentEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Early Literacy through Everyday ActivitiesEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Educating Our Littlest LearnersEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Educating Our Littlest Learners: Ages & Stages of DevelopmentEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Educating Our Littlest Learners: Creating Real ConnectionsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Educating Our Littlest Learners: Helping the Brain DevelopEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Educating Our Littlest Learners: Impact of Learning EnvironmentEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 ELC CC Coaching to SuccessEnglishPink, Stephanie
 ELC CC Coaching to Success© Booster TrainingEnglishPink, Stephanie
 ELC CC Dr. Ferial Pearson - Microaggressions AwarenessEnglishPink, Stephanie
 ELC CC Dr. Ferial Pearson - Self-Care WorkshopEnglishPink, Stephanie
 ELC CC Dr. Ferial Pearson - Trauma Informed EducationEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 ELC CC EC Coaching Guidebook: A Closer Look at Domain 1EnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 ELC Omaha Region Leadership Session: Always GrowingEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 en español Safe with YouEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 en español Safe with You: Power to ProtectEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 en español Safe with You: Safe Sleep/Abusive Head TraumaEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Ensuring Equity in the Early YearsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Ensuring Equity in the Early Years Follow Up Coach SessionsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer
 Environment EssentialsEnglishHaggart, Jennifer